Our Area Strategy

The UK is at the forefront of the development, adoption and export of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) technologies. If we are going to maintain that world-leading position we need to continue to spearhead research and innovation in ORE.

There are lots of organisations involved in coordinating this effort, extending across the industry-academia-policy spectrum. Our focus is on providing leadership for academic research, which means having a comprehensive overview of what's going on, so we can shape and lead the future direction. 

Our Area Strategy is the foundation of our mission to deliver that Research Leadership. It is informed through the cross-sectoral expertise of a broad group of experts who make up our Management BoardAdvisory Board and Research Alignment Group


The Supergen (Sustainable PowER GENeration and supply) programme began in 2001 - to deliver sustained and coordinated research, focusing on eight key research areas: bioenergy, energy networks, energy storage, fuel cells, hydrogen and other vectors, marine (wave and tidal), solar technology and wind power.

Historically, ORE has developed on a sectoral basis, with Offshore Wind operating separately from and Marine (Wave and Tidal) Renewable Energy. In 2016 the Supergen Review report concluded there were sufficient common or aligned research challenges and synergies in technologies to merit clustering. A six-month Engagement Project from July to December 2017 built the consortium and developed the R&D strategy and forward programme. 

A series of multi-stakeholder 'Supergen Leaders' workshops were convened to identify future research challenges for wind (fixed and floating), wave, and tidal (stream and range) energy to facilitate the transformation of the offshore energy system. They discussed stakeholder needs regarding the activities of the new Hub and its core purpose and aims. Summaries from those workshops are available on the University of Plymouth website.

A Strategy for Research Leadership

Feedback from expert stakeholders at the Supergen Leaders workshops in 2017 identified a core set of research needs and topics, which have been developed into five Core Research Work Packages (WPs), that the Supergen ORE Hub partners will undertake, as illustrated below:


For full desciptions of the research being undertaken in each of the Core Research Work Packages, please follow the link provided below.  Co-Director leads for each Work Package can be found here 

Core Research Work Packages - Full Descriptions