Supergen Roundel Colour 01 01   Supergen ORE Hub - Flexible Fund Programme - Second Call for Proposals    

March 2020

Proposals are invited for research-related activities which support the Supergen ORE Hub core objectives

 Summary of call details:

Maximum Value per Proposal                £100,000 at 80% FEC* 
Funding level available                          80% of FEC
Total available resource available for this 2nd call            Up to £1,200,000 at 80% FEC**
Expression of Interest call opens                       6th March 2020
Closing date for Expressions of Interest              5pm (BST) 17th April 2020
Call for Full Proposals opens                       8th May 2020
Call for Full Proposals closes              5pm (BST) 5th June 2020
Peer reviews of full proposals          8th June 2020 to 6th July 2020
Meeting of Review Panel                    w/c 13th July 2020
Notification of successful and unsuccessful Proposals                      w/c 20th July 2020
Period for exchange of Flexible Fund grant conditions w/c 20th July 2020 to w/c 28th Sept 2020
Anticipated start date of successful proposals - post award                          c. October 2020

*Please see section 5 - 'Scope of Flexible Funding Call' in the full call document for further details

**If all monies are not allocated in the second submission round, the Supergen ORE Hub Board
retains the right to re-allocate funds into subsequent funding calls

About this call

This is the second call for proposals from the Supergen ORE Hub Flexible Fund.

We are seeking research proposals from universities or other institutions eligible to hold UKRI awards to facilitate a programme of co-ordinated UK led ORE research projects aligned with, and in partnership with the Hub.

Many industry roadmaps have been developed for ORE. These roadmaps are generally on a sectoral basis (for offshore wind and marine, with wave and tidal often considered together). To develop the area strategy for the Supergen ORE Hub and its associated programme of Core and Flexible Fund supported research, these roadmaps have been synthesised through extensive consultation exercises with industry and other stakeholders, including the Hub Advisory Board and Research Alignment Group.

These exercises have resulted in the identification of the following key Research Challenge themes:


     Key Research Challenge Themes    Description 
 A  Resource and environment characterisation
 B  Fluid structure seabed interaction
 C  Materials and manufacturing 
 D  Sensing, control and electro-mechanics
 E  Survivability, reliability and design
 F     Operations, management, maintenance and safety  
G  Environmental and ecosystem aspects
H Marine socio-economics and governance 


  • This Flexible Fund call will seed areas that complement existing research, fill gaps or add cross cutting activities to explore the transfer of research findings between sectors within ORE. 

  • Proposals are invited across themes A to F that fit within the EPSRC remit, and where appropriate are encouraged to include elements of environment and socio-economics research themes G and H.

  • A detailed list of research challenge titles under each of these themes for this call is provided in the call document. More detail regarding the Hub ‘Area Strategy’ and ‘Core Research Work Packages’ can be found on the area strategy page on our website.

Flexible Fund Call - Summary of Application Process

This Flexible Funding Call has three stages:

Stage 1 – Expressions of Interest (EOI)

  • The first stage is a call for Expressions of Interest (deadline for submissions 17th April 2020 @ 1700 hrs BST). Expressions of Interest (EOI) are to be submitted electronically via completion of an online EOI form which can be accessed HERE.

  • EOIs received will be shortlisted to proceed to the second stage, which will be an invitation to submit a full proposal.

Stage 2 – Full proposals

  • Full proposals received (deadline for submissions 5th June 2020 @ 1700 hrs BST) will go through a double-blind peer review process

Stage 3 – Review Panel

  • Peer reviewed proposals will then be submitted to a review panel, drawing on the Hub Co-Directors, Industry Advisory Board and EPSRC. Peer reviewed proposals at this stage will be shortlisted by the panel and ranked. Final award decisions will be made using the resulting panel ranked order by the Hub Director, Co-Directors and EPSRC.

For full details regarding the Flexible Funding call

please download the full call document HERE

Additional partner support

In this call for Flexible Funding proposals we have additional in-kind contributions from ORE Catapult. We are asking applicants to the Flexible Fund to select only one option per project proposal from the list below, to indicate which form of proposal they wish to put forward to the Supergen ORE Hub.  You will be able to select one of these three options at the Expression of Interest (EOI) stage of this call. Expressions of Interest (EOI) are to be submitted electronically via completion of an online EOI form. A hyperlink to the EOI form is provided within the full call document and in the previous section.

  • Option 1 - EPSRC standard academic scheme (as per the scope in section 5 of the full call document)

Up to £100k funded by EPSRC (at 80% FEC for HEI) with industry involvement and cash/in kind contributions expected

  • Option 2 - EPSRC/ORE Catapult scheme

For projects in ORE Catapult priority areas. Proposals within this scheme can access up to £100k funded by EPSRC (at 80% FEC for HEI) and be supplemented with up to 12 months of PDRA resource or PhD student time in collaboration with one of the ORE Catapult Research Hubs, i.e. Powertrain Research Hub, Wind Blade Research Hub and the Electrical Infrastructure Research Hub (more details about the Hubs can be found HERE)

Additional details and conditions for each of these options can be found in the full call document.


For this call, full proposals are invited from eligible UK researchers, i.e. applicants based in UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Research Council Institutes and Centres, and Independent Research Organisations (IROs) approved by UKRI. Potential applicants should contact Supergen ORE Hub in advance of the submission deadline if they have any queries concerning their eligibility. Sub-contracting is not permitted – please see our FAQ section of the Hub website for our definition of sub-contracting. Individuals may submit no more than one Proposal as Principal Investigator plus one as Co-investigator, or two as Co-Investigator, to this call. Principal and Co-Investigators within the Supergen ORE Hub may not apply.

Terms and conditions

  • Terms and conditions of standard UKRI FEC grant awards apply.

  • In addition, all successful projects must engage with the Supergen ORE Hub and should describe in their application how they plan to do this.

  • All project outputs and engagement should be branded as Supergen ORE Hub. Brand materials and guidance will be provided to successful applicants.

  • Where proposals are accessing additional partner schemes, project outputs and engagement should also be branded with the relevant partner logo, i.e. ORE Catapult, as relevant. Brand materials and guidance will be provided to successful applicants.

Point of contact

General queries

Please note that all queries regarding the Supergen ORE Hub Flexible Fund must be directed via email in order to maintain a clear audit trail for reporting purposes where required, and will be answered publicly via the FAQ area on the Supergen ORE Hub website.

Please use the following information for queries:

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  • Subject line: “Supergen ORE Hub Flexible Funding Call Round 2 – Queries”

Please check the FAQ section of the website in advance of sending any queries, as your question may have already been answered

For specific queries regarding the use of additional resource from ORE Catapult, all questions received at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be forwarded to the relevant contact within ORE Catapult. All queries will also be answered publicly via the FAQ area on the Supergen ORE Hub website.