The UK is at the forefront of the development, adoption and export of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) technologies. To sustain this advantage, the UK must spearhead research and innovation in ORE, which will accelerate its adoption worldwide and widen the applicability of this technology.

There are various organisations in the UK involved in coordinating this process, extending across both industry and academia, and the Supergen ORE Hub will integrate with these activities to guide and deliver fundamental and applied research to advance the ORE sector.

Key Research Challenge Themes

Many industry roadmaps have been developed for Offshore Renewable Energy. These roadmaps are generally on a sectoral basis (for offshore wind and marine, with wave and tidal often considered together).

To develop the area, or 'research challenges', strategy for the Supergen ORE Hub and its associated programme of Core and Flexible Fund supported research, these roadmaps have been synthesised through extensive consultation exercises with industry and other stakeholders, including the Advisory Board and Research Alignment Group.  These exercises have resulted in the identification of following key Research Challenge themes, which the Supergen ORE Hub will look to address: 


Key Research

Challenge Themes 


Resource and Environment Characterisation 

Fluid-structure Seabed Interaction 

Materials and Manufacturing 

Sensing, Control and Electro-mechanics 

Survivability, Reliability and Design 

Operations, Management, Maintenance and Safety

Environmental and Ecosystem Aspects 

 Marine Socio-Economics and Governance


The Flexible Fund will seed areas that complement existing research, fill gaps or add cross-cutting activities to explore the transfer of research findings between sectors within ORE, under the Research Challenge headings as set out above.