Wave Energy Roadmapping Workshop (28 and 29 January 2020)

Over 40 academics, policy-makers, funding bodies and industry professionals joined the Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Hub for a two-day workshop looking to develop a roadmap for wave energy.

Following on from an earlier workshop carried out by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) during the summer of 2019 regarding the current status of the Wave Energy sector, EPSRC requested that the Supergen ORE Hub carries out a roadmapping exercise for the wave energy sector to assess the pathways required for its development in the longer term.

The latest workshop, which took place at the end of January 2020, saw delegates discussing the current status of the wave energy sector, including the routes that have led to where it currently stands, and subsequently identifying any learning that can be drawn from other offshore renewable energy sectors that can be applied to further the development of the wave energy sector. Current technology and financial pathways within the sector and barriers to their development were also discussed.

Feedback and outputs from the workshop will be synthesised by the Supergen ORE Hub into a sector roadmap for wave energy, which will be made available to industry, academic and policy stakeholders through the Supergen ORE Hub and EPSRC.

The purpose of the roadmap will be to bring the wave energy sector to the attention of policymakers and set out suggested routes for its development in light of the UK’s net-zero carbon targets.

The roadmap will be published on the Supergen ORE Hub website, www.supergen-ore.net. To keep up-to-date with news from the Supergen ORE Hub, subscribe to our network.


Presentations from the workshop (PDF format)

Welcome and Introduction - Professor Deborah Greaves OBE, Director of the Supergen ORE Hub (University of Plymouth)

GVA and Systems Benefits - Henry Jeffrey, Co-Director of the Supergen ORE Hub (University of Edinburgh)

Structured Innovation - Elva Bannon, Senior Research Engineer (Wave Energy Scotland)

Wave Energy Investment Experience - Billy Langley - Senior Hydro Developer (Innogy Renewables)


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