Flow control for wind turbine airfoils

Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Research at the new Swansea University

Dr Marinos Manolesos, Swansea University

Swansea University has undergone a very significant period of transformative growth and development over the past five years, which has included raising its research profile and expanding to a brand-new campus in 2015. The college of engineering, 10th in the UK for research quality (REF 2014), is housed at the newly built Bay Campus, a £450 million development project of the University. Part of this investment is the new, purpose-built low-speed wind tunnel. The facility was commissioned in 2016 and belongs to the pioneering Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering. The focus of our Aerodynamics research is flow control and aeroelasticity for the Wind Energy and Aerospace industry, using experimental and numerical tools of variable fidelity in a complementary manner. Examples of ongoing research include 3D separation on airfoils

[1], vortex generator flows

[2],flatback airfoil flow control

[3], morphing wingtips based on compliant structures

[4]; Fish Bone ActiveCamber Morphing Concept

[5]; Nonlinear Control for Flutter Suppression in Nonlinear Systems

[6];. Current industrial collaborators in Research projects include Vestas and Airbus. This presentation will discuss the latest developments in wind energy and aerospace research at Swansea University.