Future offshore floating wind platform challenge and opportunity

Future offshore floating wind platform – challenge and opportunity

Yibo Liang, Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering, University of Strathclyde

To date, all the demonstrated concepts for offshore floating wind development are still based on a simple “one turbine one platform” system, where each turbine will be mounted on a single floating platform. However, this system will cause lots of waste on manufacturing the floating platform, and increase the cost of transportation as well as onsite installations. Therefore, a question has been raised: “Could two or more turbines seat on one platform?” By doing so, the usage of one platform could serve for multi turbines which significantly decreases the cost of transportation and installation for a wind farm. Additionally, this could have a better performance on space utilization. For future offshore wind developments, very large floating structure (VLFS) can be potentially considered as a promising alternative for their potential to maximize the power generating capacity and to drastically reduce some dangerous and costly offshore operations.