Welcome to the Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy Hub.


We provide research leadership to connect academia, industry, policy and public stakeholders,inspire innovation and maximise societal value in offshore wind, wave and tidal energy. 


The curtain will be going up on our new website : 08 | 03 | 19


We're taking time to make sure you'll be able to find your way around it and get to the information you need - be that updates on academic research, news about funding calls or just a short and simple introduction to the world of Offshore Renewable Energy technologies.

In the meantime - session 1 - from our launch event gives a great introduction to our Hub and what we're here to do: 

 Missed our Annual Assembly at the University of Plymouth? 



Session 1 : 1000 - 1040

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Session 2 : 1115 – 1300

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1430 – 1615:


A panel of guest industry speakers (Si Dilks - BEIS, Rob Bray - Meygen, Thomas Choisnet - Ideol, Marie Berthelot - EDF Energy and Elva Bannon - Wave Energy Scotland) present their perspectives on ORE and discuss how research can be used more effectively and how the Supergen ORE Hub can support this transition. This is followed with a guest speaker panel Q&A session.  Finally, Professor Deborah Greaves presents an introduction to the Supergen ORE Hub Flexible Fund.



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